Oct 22, 2011

Benefits of Pomegranate Fruit For People with HIV / AIDS

Pomegranate is one of the pieces are written in the Qur'an. It is no wonder if God preserve it in the scriptures. Because, it turns out, the pomegranate is very beneficial for people with HIV / AIDS.

As olives, ginger, wine and fruit tin that has been written in the scriptures of other religions of the Book before. Of history can be seen that in addition to eat pomegranate is also used as medicine for thousands of years ago. And now reported pomegranate which has the Latin name 'punica granatum' good consumed by people with HIV / AIDS.

Pomegranate plants originated from Persia, Kurdistan and Afghanistan. Then distributed to area tribes Mideterania by Phoenicians. Currently pomegranate producing countries are Spain are exported to England, Italy, France. However, unfortunately in Indonesia pomegranate instead used as ornamental plants. Quite unique form of pomegranate. content of the fruit there is a clear purple and some are white like crystal, containing small seeds. contents of this fruit that tastes sweet-sour-fresh when eaten. Eating should be chewed with pomegranate seeds.
As a food ingredient, pomegranate nutritional content is good enough, especially for sources of potassium 250mg/100gram. Potassium minerals to function menjag acid-base balance in the body, regulating exit from and entry of nutrients into cells, calm your heart rate is driven by the mineral calcium. Mineral potassium is also beneficial for lowering blood pressure, and are involved in various biological functions in the body. The value of other nutrients such as energy (65 calories), protein (0.5 grams), fat (0.3 grams) and carbohydrate (16.4 grams). The content of vitamins and minerals in nominal small pomegranate, tpi still contributed to provide for the necessary nutrients in the body.

From the medical aspects, ranging from the roots, leaves, bark, fruit, fruit seeds until the skin can diramusebagai one natural remedy that is used for some type of alternative treatment of disease. medical effects of pomegranate is mainly derived from the content of alkaloid compounds and tannins and other compounds. According to Ronald R Watson and Lee Jeomin of Arizona Prevention Center in Tucson Arizona, pomegranate benefits for people living with HIV, among others because it has antibacterial and antiviral effect that works to increase the immune system. This is evident in the tests 'in vitro' against bacteria.

The mechanism can be explained as follows: Alkaloids and tannins are extracted from the root of the pomegranate was found to inhibit the growth of some types of bacteria. Also can inhibit the growth of liver fluke (E.histolyca) and tapeworms (E. Invadens). Herbs that contain pomegranate extract (fruit, seeds and skins) can be used to control the polio virus, herpes virus sinplex and striking at the HIV-1 virus. Tannins are polyphenolic compounds found in pomegranates showed preventive effects against malignancy opportunistic microbial pathogen that is widely available to people living with HIV in the body. Bioflavanoid, plant compounds that are nontoxic, will help boost the immune system or immune.

Bioflavanoid contained in a pomegranate are antioxidants that will reduce the malignancy of oxygen free radicals, preventing the destruction of fat into leukotrienes, inflammatory cancer-causing compounds and breeding of pathogenic organisms that will be harmful to health. However, in addition to its benefits, should also be aware of side effects such as pomegranate extract any irritation of the tongue and esophagus as well as allergies. As an alternative or complementary medicine, the two researchers also caution that the benefits of pomegranates for PLWHA need to be more detailed in vitro again on them to get even greater benefits for the health of PLWHA.

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