Jan 9, 2015

The Benefit of Sambiloto ( Bitter) for People Living with HIV/AIDS

(Andrographis paniculata). Because it implies merit increase endurance, bitter believed to be able to prevent HIV / AIDS. A company in the United States has patented this plant. In Indonesia, the plant is scattered everywhere. Consider the following:

Bitter included in Acanthaceae familia or tribe. Plants that this bitter leaves and stems can grow at an altitude of 700 m above sea level. This plant is often found in the yard of the house. In fact, this plant also grows wild in open spaces such as fields, the sides of the streets or in abandoned wasteland.

Paniculata is a plant that grows upright, with a height of 90 cm. The stem is rectangular and branched. This plant has a single leaf face to face, 2-8 cm long and 1-3 cm wide. These plants also bloom throughout the year. White or purple, arranged in series in the form of bunches which grow on the ends of the stems.

Bitter fruit also has elongated shape to ellipse. Fruit length was about 1.5 cm, width 0.5 cm and the base and pointed tip. When the fruit is ripe it will be black and will split lengthwise into four pieces. This plant seeds flattened, small, light brown color.

Bitter substances have the typical form of andrographolide. "Andrographolide substance does not exist in other plants" said Ir. Winarto, owner Karyasari medicinal plant garden. Besides andrographolide this plant also has panicolin substances. "So based on two elements of the Sambiloto substance named andrographis paniculata" said Winarto again.

Andrographolide and panicolin it is specific. Its main function is actually to increase endurance. So in the United States, bitter as the patented AIDS drugs.

Making a plant into a drug is not easy. As it relates to marketing and public trust. When we talk about clinical trials, most of all made overseas. In addition to the cost is large, there are many energy experts. Therefore foreign companies dare patented Sambiloto as drugs to increase endurance.

Most traditional medicine in Java, bitter drunk as an ingredient for treating various diseases because he is an antibiotic. Materials are usually taken is the stem or leaves. "Because this plant annuals old. The leaves and stems can be removed at once and boil all "added Winarto again.

Still according Winarno, generally if we want to drink 2 glasses a day Sambiloto herbs, then our endurance will increase and not susceptible to disease. How: 10 grams of dried leaves were given 4 cups of water and boil until the water remaining 2 cups. How often we drink boiled Sambiloto depending on the state of our bodies. When suffering from a serious illness, it can drink more potions. For cases very effective insect bites Sambiloto. Slightly crushed and then applied to the skin that is exposed to the bites, itching in the skin will quickly disappear.

But, "Because it tastes bitter, for the prevention of disease could just processed Sambiloto drink 1/2 cup a day, do not need to 2 cups. Or if you do not like the bitter taste, you can swallow the Sambiloto herb in capsule form. The trick, just enter the powder of dried bitter leaf into capsules. But for people who are exposed to low blood pressure, drinking Sambiloto processed instead will increase blood pressure into the drop, "said Winarto warned. Be careful you have low blood pressure.

Sambiloto that has been dried

(Andrographis paniculata)

Sambiloto can inhibit HIV / AIDS

Until now there has been no research to prove a formula for treating AIDS and can be life-saving sufferers. However, some experts managed to find at least there is a type of plant that is able to inhibit the HIV virus changes to AIDS, although not able to kill him, namely meniran and Sambiloto.

Chairman of the VCT Clinic Hospital Prof. Dr. Tanuwijaya Soekarjo (RSMS) Banyumas Dr. Akhmad Wiryawan said, according to research conducted overseas experts, bitter plant and meniran have a property to boost immunity in the face of disease, including HIV / AIDS.

In addition, both of these plants have the ability to prevent the HIV virus into adulthood, into the body's cells and proliferate. Usefulness is what should be the community, especially people living with HIV / AIDS, as an alternative to conventional medicine solution manufactured.

Explained, HIV / AIDS is mostly using conventional drugs, namely Antiretroviral (ARV). However, these drugs have side effects for its users, which affects the digestive, skin allergies, impaired organ function, and can not be mixed with any medications. As a drug manufactured and have a high content of synthetic chemicals, automatic ARV side effects, so that users do not feel comfortable.

In contrast to the Sambiloto and meniran which natural and inexpensive. In addition to the same properties, its use does not cause side effects. Added, processing of Sambiloto and meniran until ready for consumption as inhibitors of HIV / AIDS is quite easy and can be done everyone. Among others, the cooking plant and drink boiled water, or made into juice.

The process is easy, but for maximum results, treatment should be carried out regularly every day at least once. If done regularly, within a period of three months the results seen with higher levels of immunity, and it has been proven. Thanks

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