Oct 19, 2011

Diet Against Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer for men with breast cancer as daunting for the women. Although prostate cancer is often not fatal, but can damage the quality of life for the sufferer.

Prostate therapy often cause sexual dysfunction (impotence) and urinary incontinence (bedwetting). Both side effects were clearly a blow for him. Diagnosis of prostate cancer's like coming doomsday. In fact, preventive measures for this disease actually is not too difficult. A good diet or diet may reduce prostate cancer risk by 50 percent. This was stated by John Hibbs naturopathic physicians from Bastyr University Seattle, Washington United States.

Preventing is always better than cure. Preventive measures that will be very profitable if run by those who are at high risk of prostate cancer. Who are these high-risk groups? Ie men aged 50 years and over, who have a history of prostate cancer in the family (father or brother had prostate cancer), African-American race (this still needs detailed study, but the race is expected at high risk compared with whites).

Offered a way to prevent John Hibbs, namely diet, obviously very natural and easy to do. The men just need to discipline ourselves to live. Steps include cutting the consumption of fat, more fruits and vegetables, and so on, such as falling below. Omega 3, a nutrient that is very friendly to the heart seems to help prevent prostate cancer. Laboratory studies show the power of omega 3 in stopping progression of prostate tumor cells. Harvard University researchers tested 48,000 U.S. men over 12 years, men who ate fish more than 3 times per week, 44 percent less prostate cancer than those who ate fish less than twice a month.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in cold water fish such as salmon, mackerel, trout and mussels. You can also fish oil supplements. If you want to avoid prostate cancer, stay away from fatty foods such as meat and milk. Many studies suggested, foods high in saturated fat increases the risk of prostate cancer up to two or three times. Japanese men who still adhered to a traditional diet that is a lot of junk food instead of eating fish, has a much smaller risk to get prostate cancer than American men.

Why meat and dairy are considered dangerous? According to Hibbs, saturated fat contained in them can stimulate inflammation, which further supports tumor growth. When you accumulate in animal fat in the body, is tantamount to cutting the levels of cancer-preventing antioxidants. Try to replace red meat with fish or poultry without the skin. Forget the full-fat milk, and exchange with low-or nonfat milk. Once advice Hibbs.Women are often advised to eat soy to strengthen bones and other healthy benefits. Based on the latest research, men are also advised to eat more soy. Researchers have studied the health of 12,000 people for about 20 years. Men who drink soy milk more than once per day, 70 percent more are not at risk for prostate cancer than men who did not drink it. Therefore, should the men began diligently to drink soy milk. It could also change the mix of milk for cereal or coffee, with soy milk.

In 2000, researchers from the University of Hawaii examine diet of 3237 men. Half suffered from prostate and half did not. Surveys show that the men who were cancer-free mengasup more vegetables and legumes. A recent Canadian study showed similar results. So, if you want to be free of prostate cancer, eat vegetables at least five servings a day. Vegetables contain substances most preventing prostate is tomato. Tomatoes contain lycopene, a carotenoid family that are antioxidants.

The scientists from Yale University have analyzed blood samples from 473 men who developed prostate cancer or not. They found that men who are free of prostate cancer have more lycopene in their blood, than those who were sick. The best lycopene found in cooked tomatoes. Cooking tomatoes not only maximize the function of lycopene, but also adds flavor to the tomato itself. Now that lycopene can be obtained in supplement form, but the best course of natural fresh ingredients.

"Tomatoes contain more carotenoids, except lycopene. And all that important. Consumption of at least 3 tomatoes a week to prevent prostate cancer," said Dr.. William Dahut from the U.S. National Cancer Institute.

Selenium to be excellent cancer prevention in 1996, when a study showed an unexpected result. Researchers from the University of Arizona providing selenium supplements to skin cancer patients every day, hoping to prevent a recurrence. This did not give much benefit. However, after six years of results showed that administration of selenium that can actually reduce the growth of prostate cancer. These results were corroborated by several other studies. Selenium is found natural plant foods such as garlic. To meet the need, you can also take supplements of selenium 200 meg per day.

Finnish researchers found that vitamin E may reduce the risk of prostate cancer to 32 percent. The problem is difficult to get an adequate intake of vitamin E from food daily. Vegetable oils rich in vitamins, but the process can change the levels. peanuts, beans, and green vegetables also contain this vitamin. So that the body needs adequate, you can get vitamin E from supplements with a dose of 400 IU perthe day.

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