Oct 19, 2011

Stress Causing Brain shrink

Living in a state of stress was not only able to influence the thinking ability and memory because the brain shrinks, but also make the immune system and facilitate the worse the disease into the body.
Previous studies revealed that stress hormones like cortisol, increase the risk for hypertension, heart disease, and so on. Apparently not only that, a recent study reported in the Journal of Psychoneuroendocrinology, said that stress hormones will also make the brain shrink. High stress hormones will make memory decline and hippocampal (part of the brain) will shrink. Hippocampus is part of the brain that functions in the process of learning and memory.
Research carried out up to 6 this year, measured cortisol levels in a group of adults. Found, people who have high levels of cortisol is continuously test your memory will have an even worse with the people who have low to moderate levels of cortisol. Moreover, long exposure to high cortisol levels will make the hippocampal region in the brain, to shrink as much as 14%. Perhaps this may explain why some parents showed memory and thinking skills are poor, while other parents suggest otherwise.
How does the influence of cortisol on children? Researchers found increased cortisol temporarily affect the ability of thinking and memory, but this happens only temporary anyway. Other studies have shown that children and teenagers who come from low socioeconomic groups showed levels higher stress hormones
compared to those from socio-economic groups more capable. Inimenunjukkan that stress can affect brain function, regardless of age. And stress can occur in all age groups will affect the sufferer physically and mentally.
Meanwhile, another study conducted by researchers from Australia to prove that there is a scientific link between emotional stress and pain. Starting from common colds to cancer. The group of researchers from Gervan Institute, Sydney, last week, announced they found a hormone that is released into the body when people are stressed, namely neuropeptide Y (NPY) subverts the immune system. So, make you sick.
"Until now there is strong evidence of a link between the brain and the immune system. However, at present we have a connection that, when stress, nerves release a lot of NPY. Hormones that enter the bloodstream, where it inhabits hormone cells in the immune system and destroy pathogens in the body. That stress makes you sick is no longer a myth. It is a fact and we need to take it seriously. " Fabienne Mackay said researchers from Australia
The discovery of the group was published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine on Monday. The researchers said they hope their work will produce two types of therapeutic intervention. Herbert Heerzog one other scientist, argued neuropeptide Y has been known to affect blood pressure and heart rate. But the findings, the impact of hormones on the immune system has opened new doors to overcome various diseases.
"Stress makes you more vulnerable when you, such as the flu, and even in more serious situations, such as cancer. The hormone that can make the pain became more severe in this situation," he told ABC Radio.
Other diseases linked to stress, among others rhematoid arthritis, multiple scelerois, Crohn's disease, type 1 diabetes and lupus. Mackay explained, it could take years to develop drugs to counter the influence of NPY. The best solution for the short term is to combat their stress. "The best thing to do is to remove stress from our lives by reorganizing the way we live.
Changing our lifestyle and use a variety of ways, such as yoga and relaxation, we can, "he said.

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