Oct 29, 2011

Palms Reflects the Health

The palm of the hand is the most ends of the nerves of the human body. whatever applicable to the human body will be seen on the hands. No wonder when telapan hands can indicate a disease that is in a person's body. Through the palm of the hand, in fact we could detect early diseases and abnormalities that occur in our bodies, without having to check first to see a doctor. However, to further ensure the disease or disorder may be confirmed to the doctor to give further treatment.

In 1000 a secret palms stored human health. Analysts palms or 'The Sign of Hands' has long been used by the Greeks. That is why the analysis of the palm of the hand is one form of analysis is highly recommended for people who work in the field of medicine when they wanted to care for or treat patients who come for treatment.

Among the palms that could indicate a disease state in the human body is, the upper palm, palm back, all the fingers (from pinkie to thumb), knuckles the top and nails.

a. Heart Disease
Recent findings indicate osteoarthritis in the finger can be early warning guide for men that they have heart disease. Finnish scientists studied 8,000 people by looking at the tip of your little finger is bent inward, found 46 percent of men are more at risk of dying prematurely from heart attack than men without osteoarthritis.

The reason this relationship is unclear but experts think this is due to the high fat levels in the blood that can cover the arteries or osteoarthritis may also addressing low levels of male sex hormone, testosterone, which protects men against heart disease. Experts say one reason that the fingers provide valuable clues to health because the genes that control development also controls the testes in men and ovaries in women.

b. Breast Cancer
Women can know they are at risk of having breast cancer at a young age by comparing the similarities the two fingers. If the index finger longer than ring finger, it means they have the ostrogen higher levels, a hormone that helps cancer growth.

c. Autism
A study published in 2001 showed that autistic children have a very long ring finger, it shows they seem to have an unusual amount of testosterone in the womb which resulted in a highly exaggerated male behaviors such as communication difficulties and lack of awareness of the emotional states of others.

d. Lung Problems
When doctors see symptoms of respiratory problems, they often check the fingernails. This is because the color of the skin under the nail turns into shades of blue when the respiratory complications. Oxygenated blood has a bright red color of blood but the loss of oxygen is dark red in color. It's one of the symptoms that arise in infants who develop acute bronchitis.

e. Sports Skills
No one doubts Brazil won the World Cup last year because of their exceptional skills. But Prof. Manning, researchers from the University of Liverpool, was inspecting the theory that a high amount of testosterone in the Brazilian gives them a physical advantage for his team. He has found some top players Brazil has a long ring finger.

f. Stress.
In a depressed state, the body secretes hormones that steroids can weaken the immune system. The signs on the palms of the hands of people who experience stress are found veins of blue or green in the wrist, palms and along the fingers. Clearly visible in the calf and foot.

g. Vitamin Deficiency
White spots on the tip of the finger showed zinc deficiency. Zinc is essential for keeping the immune system. Zinc-containing food sources include milk, oysters, chicken, lamb, all kinds of grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

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